Let’s start this off by saying this: I’m just as ready as anyone to call myself out on practices, behaviors and habits that are less than stellar for my evolvement as a human being on this earth. What I also know to be true is, I work on being an aware person as much as possible because I feel like objectively recognizing where you are in the world is more than 75% of the challenge when bringing about change in your life.

I am consistently working on my consistency. Whether that is writing a blog every day, exercising on a regular schedule or waking up with the proper perspective I believe will make for a great day. It has been my experience that it’s not outrageous acts exercised every blue moon, but small, smart consistent tasks completed on a regular basis over a long period of time where I get the best results.

That is helpful to me as I have an extremely short attention span. I remember watching a Ted Talk on this: I don’t remember the gentleman’s name, but he found he was most productive in short bursts of focused energy. About 10-15 minutes at a time and then he would take a break. He ended up applying this method to his high school studies to the point where his grades were good enough to get him into a prestigious college. He continued this approach to his studies through college and then on to a Fortune 500 company where he excelled there. He began to use this short burst of energy approach in his personal life and ended up being in The Guiness Book of World Records for the largest macramé art installation in the desert. All by spending short bursts of energy doing something he wanted to know and learn more about.

I stole a page from his handbook and have applied it to my life. It seems to fit my brain and how I approach things. Including writing this blog.

It’s a little different way of looking at how to accomplish your goals, but for me it makes sense as I can wrap my brain around doing something everyday for 10-15 minutes and see where it takes me as opposed to being overwhelmed by a large end result.

What it does for me is, keeps me consistently showing up and putting in the work. I’ll take that any day.