It was about 20 years ago when I worked on a creative project in which I was completely smitten by the whole thing. I was hired (for what I thought) was a pivotal part of this project that had meaning by people who were quality human beings with good intentions and I was getting compensated handsomely for it. What else could you ask for, right?

The days were long and the work was taxing, but I didn’t care. I bought into the entire process. I gave everything I had and met even more quality people as the weeks went on. I came home tired after working 12+ hour days sometimes to be with my family. Our 3 kids were young at the time and I remember sitting on the floor in my children’s bedroom telling my wife about my day. I glowed with excitement sparing no details. It was exhausting, but I was creatively fulfilled. My cup was running over. I felt like I had patience for days for my kids. They still had so much energy this late in the day, but I was okay with it. It didn’t matter.

It was such a revelation for me. I realized at that point you could do work that you loved to do that had meaning which gives something away to others and get paid for it.

Not that there aren’t more to come, but those were the best of days.