I seem to be an “all or nothing” type of person at times. Maybe most of the time. What I mean by that is: there is no middle ground for me. If I’m going to get in shape, then everything needs to be geared towards that goal. I’m all in. I need to set up a schedule and stick to it or why even try. If I’m going to eat healthy, it’s not just going to be on the weekends – I’m going to become a vegan. And I do. This may not be the best way to tackle goals – to accomplish the intentions I set before me, but I do.

In some ways I’m a pretty deep thinker and in other ways, not so much. That’s okay. What I have found over the years is this: You don’t necessarily have to have all the right answer. What is more important is to be able to ask the right questions. That has seemed to be a huge game changer for me.

Ask a question that is going to get the best out of you. Be objective. You don’t have to take it personally. Look at yourself as a third party. How would you rate yourself? Answer that honestly.

The beauty of life is you get to start a new every day you wake up. Forget about yesterday, as it is gone. Focus on today. Focus on the now. You get to make a brand new choice if you want.

Enjoy. Don’t get caught up in the results. And move forward.