I have heard that when you are tired with life, you can probably assume life is getting tired of you. I would have to agree with that. Not to sound negative, but the way I take that is we must be in bewilderment of life. If we believe life is mundane then what do you think you are going to experience.? On the other hand. . . what if you went through your day as if you were seeing everything in the world for the first time? That ability to stay engaged is toxic. It’s contagious to other aspects of your life. It becomes contagious to other people in your life as well.

Do you or have you ever had a friend that it seems like whenever you are with that person you can bet you’re going to have a good time, something unexpected is going to happen, but no matter what you’re up for it? I do. It’s perspective. I have the mind set for that. I’m expecting great things to happen. I look for it. I attract it.

We can do that all the time in our lives if we want to. It’s awareness. Look for moments of unexpected wonder and joy. Put the intention out that greatness is coming your way. It seems that most of us are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Anticipate Greatness. Know there is a mini miracle on its way. Or better yet a BAM? Big ass miracle.

Those are even better.