There are some things I know – because of previous life experiences, outcomes/results, trial and error and therefore refer to scientific facts, and then there are other things I cannot prove as I sit here and write this blog. But, I will say it anyway: Lacking to forgive others – especially over long time periods can be extremely toxic for an individual’s health.

In fact, there have been studies done at The International Forgiveness Institute that show exactly that. There have been numerous studies done, but two of them in particular studied two different groups of people: Incest survivors as well as emotionally abused individuals. The results are clear. The people who practiced forgiveness were happier, healthy, less depressed, decreased anxiety and increased self-esteem.

One of my best friends passed away a few years back and they were abused as a child. In addition they died of cancer of the reproductive organs – an often seen case for victims who have been abused sexually. Could my friend have benefited from practicing forgiveness? I’m not sure. Probably. I don’t think it would have hurt. I’m not saying it would have saved their life, but . . .

When I free myself up to forgive I feel lighter, free and able to move forward – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. To continue to learn, grow and evolve. If not, we become prisoners of our own ego and remain stagnate as human beings.

This is not my destiny nor should it be yours. Find a way: Forgive.