There is not going to be anyone who is pulling for you more than you. As well, there may not be anyone who is harder on yourself than you. Being objective with oneself and where they are can be a bit difficult to navigate at times. I know it is for me. We can either make excuses for ourselves in order to escape the responsibility or we can drag ourselves through the ashes until we have ground ourselves down to almost nothing. Neither one is really productive.

Let’s learn to treat ourselves fairly. Take responsibility where we need to and encourage yourself to not stay comfortable for too long. No one grows living a life of Royalty. Stay a bit hungry. It’s not always easy, as the path of least resistance is much more convenient.

This is something I must remind myself often. I do my best to set myself up for these challenges, whether it be a race I enter as a runner or projects I set up for myself and my workplace or even endeavors at home. I feel better when I’m uncomfortable in my process. Because I know I’m evolving and not remaining stagnant.

Sometimes it’s nice to take some time out for yourself to relax, no doubt. But, for me I don’t like getting used to that life-style. Before long I’m ready for more. How about you?