Everything I have done in the past with some sort of preparation – from what I can remember – has paid off in the long run. Whether it’s a race (half-marathon), changing my diet (becoming vegan) or a creative project. Preparation is key. It’s more than just the physical aspects of being prepared. It’s the mental and emotional as well. It spills out to every resource I need in order to take on that particular endeavor.

I don’t always learn my lesson however. If I’m too excited and just begin with no prep, my results are just somewhat average. In addition it’ more difficult for me to stay in the moment, I’m less focused and often times less committed.

It doesn’t take much to prepare for your upcoming event. Just put a little effort into it and before you know it you’re making progress. Write down your expectations, what you may discover about yourself and anticipate how you may feel after completed. It just gets you focused for the task at hand.

Give it a shot.

“And here’s the secret: merely begin”

Seth Godin