My wife said something that resonated with me quite a bit. She said that you have a choice to “carry your sunshine with you.” What a brilliant concept. It’s another way of choosing your perspective in life. You get to decide whether to carry rain clouds around in your pockets all day or you can choose to bring out the sunshine. It’s YOUR universe. You get to pick the weather. Why not select the sun?

Often times we play the role of a passenger on a ride to a destination we don’t want to go or haven’t done our due diligence to find out where it ends. Or maybe worst of all – we don’t care.

We are where we are today because of the mix of circumstances and the choices we have made under those circumstances. I am fully aware I have a choice of the weather I want to walk through my day in. And no matter if it’s rain or shine – I take responsibility for that weather.

I’ll tell you this: I’m grabbing my sunglasses