What does it mean to be whole? Maybe it means to be fulfilled. Happy. Done with life. Satisfied. Accomplished. Evolved in every aspect of your life.

Another way of looking at it might be to be fully present in the moment. Without an agenda, wondering where this will eventually lead or asking “what I am going to get out this?” It’s not easy to remain focused in the present moment in today’s world of distractions, short attention spans and the micromanagement of social networking and responses.

Here’s an idea: Focus on the whole. The whole universe. The whole population. The whole you. You as a complete and whole entity. Already perfect as it is. One that doesn’t need to acquire anything in order to be complete. Nothing. No higher social status. No more money. No new titles. No more followers. Just an acknowledgement of being whole in this very moment.

What does that do to you? How does that make you feel?

I know what it does for me. Slows me down. It makes me want to stop the frantic race to nowhere. To breathe. To be still. To observe.

To be.