I have no scientific evidence of what music actually does to you when you listen to it. There would seem to be enough people to back me if I was to say that it releases endorphins such as serotonin in your body to change your mood – depending on what you’re listening to – and help you to feel better. It does for me. There is another more elusory element to how it effects my mind, body and soul. And to be honest, I really don’t care whether it can be proven or not. It works for me.

Music is a part of my everyday landscape. I make it that way. I believe I’m able when I hear music that resonates with me. I can. No matter what the challenge is that lies before me. That’s pretty powerful if I say so myself.

I would go as far as saying it’s a form of meditation for me. As I listen to the music, my is able to free itself up and wander aimlessly about town. Just as I like it. And from there who knows what I’ll create.

Try it sometime. I think you’ll like it.