The answer in regards to your development and evolution as a human being when you ask the question to yourself, “When should I get started” should always be, “The Time Is Now.” We can tell ourselves all sorts of excuses of why we should wait until tomorrow, the next day, when you know more, when I’m older, married, single, adult, hair on my face – you get the idea. Nope. The Time Is Now. Say it. Don’t wait. The Time Is Now.

The mastery of the craft is in the doing. We can’t all start off as good. But none of the master’s ever did (There might be one or two or three). Everyone has to start somewhere. At the beginning. Don’t be ashamed of that. And as Steven Pressfield so eloquently said, . . . “and the secret is, to merely begin.”

Everything else will fall into place as coincidences, happenstance or just plain luck. Take it. And don’t look back. Because that well of creativity I continue to draw upon will never run dry. Not for me. And certainly not for you.

But I don’t have all the answers. I’m not sure how. Maybe I need more life experiences. Stop! So, when should I get started . . . ?

The Time Is Now. Go get it.