The most difficult goodbye’s for me is saying it to old habits. Ironically, I think those are the easiest to keep around and justifying it. Let’s be clear: there is nothing inheriantly wrong with habits. After all, brushing your teeth every day to keep your teeth and gums healthy is a habit. Regular exercise can be a habit. Reading a book every night before going to sleep instead of being on a device is a habit.

But, here’s the question: Where are your habits leading you? Do you want to end up there at the end of the day? The week? The month? The year? 5 Years? 10? 25? After all, we are only going in one direction at a time. We cannot being going forward and backward at the same time. So, understand where that road leads and choose whether you want to be on it.

Often times we continue doing the same thing mainly because it’s familiar to us. It’s the known. Like it or not we know what it’s like to be out of shape, 25 pounds overweight and not having any passion for specific work. We must move beyond the known into the unknown. We have to be healthy enough (mind, body and spirit) to realize the road we are on – and it may be a difficult one straight uphill, is the perfect place for us and where it leads. This becomes the unknown.

The unknown can be frightening no doubt about it. But, we must understand that pure creativity comes out of the unknown as well. If we can allow it. That’s the challenge. We must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable in the unknown.

Even though we might not know where we are on this road in the middle of nowhere, we have the instincts to realize if we stay on it long enough by putting in the work, it will lead us to somewhere.