I like to think that life is linear. You put something in and then you get something out. As much as I believe in this approach and will continue to teach it to my children and subscribe to it myself, there is another non-linear element to life that I have no idea how it works. But, the same results continue to show up over and over again. You can be baffled by them or you can accept them as part of the laws of the universe. You may not understand them or prove them in a scientific study but remain a constant.

Here’s one: the universe rewards you for taking risks on it’s behalf. That may be a personal art project or business venture you decided to do on your own. And although the art project may have not turned out the way you anticipated and the business venture may appear to be a dud and wasted 6 years of your life, once you begin to pull away from those experiences in time you start to see the silver linings. Maybe on that business venture you met someone who you now discuss new opportunities and has become a good friend. Maybe that art project opened the door to other creative ideas you would like to try and you now have the courage to do it.

We must be reminded: (Just like in the movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”) In order for Indiana Jones to get across a huge chasm in which there is no way he can jump and would die a certain death if he fell, must take a step of faith into thin air – into nothingness. And the path will ONLY appear AFTER we take that step.

There is no other way around it. Sorry. It’s called faith.