I like mornings. Always have. Even though I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a “morning person.” My regular schedule if I was left to my own devices, would be late nights and late mornings – most likely. But, I have made it work getting out of bed fairly early and getting going. It’s all good.

There is something about a morning just awakening with new beginnings that always gets me excited. Maybe it’s the anticipation of a new day and the potential of what could happen. It’s like strolling up to a huge beautiful meadow of pure white undriven snow. Anything is possible. I hope I never take them for granted.

Although it can be a challenge as the bustle of the day begins to get a bit louder and frenetic. We can get lost in the “doing” when really we have chosen to engage in urgent tasks with little importance only to find ourselves exhausted and distraught at the end of the day. Let’s work smarter by spending our energy on important activities that we can take some well-thought time to discover more about what we connect with and about ourselves.

That seems like a kind of morning I could get excited about.