The road to discovery is one of faith. One of chance. Luck. And a whole bunch of work. Often times, work has a negative connotation to it. Which says, “I don’t like what I’m doing but I have to and it’s called work.” I choose to look at it differently.

I would like my relationship to the word, “work” to be one of passion and interest. I’m going to work – spending my valuable time – focusing on something that I connect to because it has meaning for me. It may be a very simple connection, but it’s one nonetheless.

When I have ever engaged in that process, I have always come out the other side of it with some kind of discovery about myself or the process or another variable I didn’t see coming. These are the gems of moments for me. I never see it coming. I’m taken by surprise every time and I never regret the time and effort I put forth.