It seems to me that when I get anxious is when I’m not remaining in the present moment, but looking to the future to some event I’m “less than excited” to face. There is an anacronym for fear I have found quite useful. F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real.

The truth is, I would be willing to bet that less than half of the things you fear in the future come to fruition. In reality, it’s probably much less than that. Which means, we are using valuable time and energy focusing on something that doesn’t land in our circle of influence (the area in our lives which we can actually change). In addition to the fact of all the suffering we put ourselves through. Think of the toll that takes on us year after year after year. If you have allowed this vicious circle to run a muck in your life for 20, 35, 52 years, now is the time to stop.

There have been studies indicating that if we live in a constant state of “fear” with the absence of homeostasis, (balance in our bodies) we are aging ourselves and shortening our lives. We are the only creatures on earth that can work ourselves into anxiety by thinking about a future event. The antelope grazing on grass on the Serengeti gets a surge of endorphins (including adrenalin) when it’s being chased by it’s predator. However, once she is safe again, her body returns to homeostasis and she continues her feeding. She doesn’t keep thinking about what might happen in an hour, tomorrow or in the morning. She remains present in that moment. As should we.

Don’t kid yourself: it’s an addiction. Stop the cycle. Focus on where you are and what you’re doing. Engage in the moment and embrace the unknown.