There are so many maxim’s, quotes and sayings out there in regards to how you should handle the details of life: “Don’t sweat the details” or “Take care of the big picture and God will handle the details”, “The devil is in the details” or even “The details are in the doing.” I’m not sure what to believe.

I do know this: If I’m engaged in an activity that I’m passionate about, I don’t stop at the details. I can spend hours and hours working out the details. Because I WANT to work at that kind of micro scale. I love it. I can’t get enough.

So, maybe the question should be: What am I going to spend my time doing? If you can answer that while engaging in endeavors that get your juices flowing, then I’m not sure you will even think twice about where you stand when it comes to the details. You will do what you see fit in order to be satisfied with your outcome.

You don’t need a 300 year old quote to tell you how to be proud of piece of work. You just need some passion, work and a leap of faith.