At one point in time I was doing Yoga everyday. Granted, I wasn’t in a class with a teacher, however I would watch a CD with instructions on what to focus on and go through various poses. I was spending anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes daily working through the different programs. I ended up becoming extremely flexible. Not to mention, stronger and I felt great as well. Calm. Centered.

This is a perfect metaphor for what we need to do in other areas of our lives. Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually – we need to stretch. We should be reaching out and exercising our curiosity. Exploring and discovering new ideas. In the face of fear. Fear of “failure.” Fear of the unknown. Fear of something different.

We love routines because we think they’re safe. Then something like 911, a death of a family member or close friend or a pandemic comes along and we are shaken to our core and we have a sudden shift in perspective. And our life. Or at least I did. “What am I doing with my time?” “Who am I?” “Where am I going?” What do I really want to be spending my time doing?” “With whom?” One of my answers is Learning. Growing. Exploring. Connecting with new people . . . and old ones. Trying new things. Discovering. Being curious. Loving unconditionally. Stretching.