I find myself saying this after a rough day on the little league field with my kids or even after a tough day at the office. It’s a way for me to keep perspective of what is important and take my foot off the throttle for a bit in order to get some space and let the situation breathe.

Often times, separating yourself from your present situation gives you space to think – to rise above the problem – in order to get on the same level as a solution. And there is a difference. Wallowing and focusing on the problem has it’s costs and you have every right to do it. The question is: Do you want to move forward or not?

This can be a quick and easy shift in perspective and over the years I have become more proficient at working my way through the process. The main ingredient is being able to let go of the ego. “I’m important, I’m right and they’re wrong, winning is everything, etc.”

When you can shift you attention away from the ego, you begin to gain a more healthy perspective on the situation, on your life and how to proceed.

I’ve always wondered why it takes a catastrophic event in a community to bring people together. It’s because everyone drops their defense mechanism (the ego) and come together in Love.

Let’s start there.