The world is not black and white and neither are people. We tend to view a person as either good or bad, honest or a liar, criminal or a saint because it’s easier for us to pigeon hole them into a category. It’s cleaner. Simple. It doesn’t take as much of an effort.

Unfortunately, human beings should not and cannot be described as simple. We are extremely complicated with many layers. Our personalities are a product of years of life experiences mixed with our innate qualities seasoned with current beliefs and peppered with many other elements simmered over a lifetime – long or short.

Therefore, decisions can become a complicated process – especially when feelings of other people are involved – not to mention loved ones. Often times, we base our decisions what is best for us based on our experiences and not the person involved. After all, we only have our own perspective to come from. However, maybe reconsider and think about all the party’s involved. Let’s do our best to listen and put ourselves in other people’s shoes to gain more insight on where they are coming from. A little patience, some listening and a whole lot of Love.

Make your decisions from that place.