Often times, that’s a derogatory question we throw out when we feel we don’t have adequate knowledge of a certain subject matter. I tend to say it more than most. And I use it in that context. After this post, I don’t think I will. I don’t want to. Promise.

However, maybe this is exactly the question we should be asking. What you know is . . . . you. You know who you are. You know what’s important to you. You know what moves you. What inspires you. What makes you happy and brings you joy. You know how it feels to treat others with Love and respect and you know how it feels when others don’t treat you that way.

That’s not bad. You could really cover some ground with that knowledge. However, we don’t tend to ask those questions as a way to learn, grow and evolve. We ask them more as a narcissistic series of questions in order to shortcut our evolvement and reap the benefits for ourselves as we belittle others and stoke the fire of our own ego.

I’m not interested in that. That’s easy. That’s the status quo. I’m interested in taking the path less traveled. Paddling upstream. Looking in the opposite direction than everyone else. I tend to believe that’s where the gems lie. Not in the average. Not in the mediocre. But, in the pioneers. The madmen/women. The ones who realize we’re all connected in this life-giving tree, so to hurt others is only to hurt ourselves. As a Native American Proverb says: “No tree has branches so foolish to fight amongst themselves . . . ”

So, What do I know? I know that.