I believe it’s directly tied to faith. Because when we have faith we are able to see past the present moment – no matter what it looks like. And it can look pretty ugly at times. It gives us more resilience to push through.

This can be a challenge to say the least. After all, we are betting on something working out and there may be no signs of it coming close as we gaze out upon the landscape in front of us.

We must let go to the physical world and tap into the unseen. The invisible. Something NOT in front of us and hitch our trailer to this. This is faith.

I’ve heard it said that many POW’s survived their captivity because they had a belief that they needed to make it through their experience in order to tell their story to others. Unfortunately, others who believed they would be liberated by a certain date, didn’t survive as the reality of their release didn’t line up with their time table.

We all want guarantees prior to starting an ambitious endeavor. Unfortunately, there are none. But, there is faith.

Merely begin.