Incremental progress can become a real game-changer when it’s consistent and happening on a daily basis. However, this can be discouraging at times, as it would appear you are not making headway in the beginning. You may even stumble along journey, but that’s okay.

The key is to show up daily and put in the work. Worry more about engaging yourself in the task at hand and forming the habit than the results. We all learn at different speeds in a variety of ways. Putting the pressure of “outcomes” on yourself when moving forward in this way can be detrimental to your progress.

With each new passing day as you rise to the occasion, you will notice a small shift and even a bit of momentum – like a gentle hand on your back guiding you in the right direction. Use this to your benefit and stay on the path. At some point in time you may feel you have done enough – decide instead to stick with it and push through. It is worth it. If it’s a healthy habit: learning to play a musical instrument, exercise, writing, meditation, creating art, etc. you will benefit from doing it long into the future.

Just take one day at a time.