Believe you – me, I have attended many one of these types of (metaphorical) parties. Sometimes I’m invited, sometimes I throw my own and sometimes I will just create one spur of the moment and not invite anyone else other than me. Sound familiar?

I consider a pity party to be a place where we focus – maybe even hyper focus on our own problems, misgivings and situation and shut the rest of the world out. There is nothing wrong with pity parties, as they may very well serve a purpose, but just make sure you know you’re at one.

Don’t be delusional and believe this bleak bash your attending is the way life is supposed to look. Or that you will transcend the obstacles and problems which you are experiencing. Essentially, you are in a holding pattern. You have placed the solution on hold in order to wallow in your sorrow. And that’s okay. But know if you want to move forward you must head for the door and leave that festivity behind you.

This is the first step in moving through your pain in order to learn, grow and evolve. It’s a brave one, but nevertheless necessary.