My wife has a statistic for everything. “3 years ago on this day we were in Spain and we were just about to get on a boat to go over . . ” I used to give her flak about it quite a bit and as I get older, I realize there is merit in her reflections.

I don’t remember those dates. She is tuned in to that stuff. I admire her for that. Sometimes it can get a bit out of hand, but for the most part I appreciate her detailed memories.

It’s important to contextualize moments in your life – especially when you know it’s a precious one. Last night was my final night on a Little League baseball field as a coach and a father with my son as a Little Leaguer. I have coached him since T-ball and now it’s time to move on.

It was sad. But, we created a lot of memories as well. One’s that we will never forget.

Recognize moments in your life as they are: precious.

That’s all.