I came up with a creative project years ago I wanted to do and regret to say that I never completed it. It was called, “Morning Glory.” It was going to be a series of pictures framed or in a colleague. The idea was to have my family agree that I could take a picture of them moments after waking up. No smiles. No faces. Just their authentic countenance as it looks upon rising for a new day.

I took some pictures in black and white – and to this day – they are some of the most beautiful pics I’ve made. And it’s not because I used some crazy exposure time or I took a lot of time to set up the shots. In fact, some of them aren’t even in focus.

It’s because of their faces. They are blank. Soft. Warm. Non-assuming. Vulnerable. Rested. They are ready to approach the glory of a new day.

I’ve always found a bit of glory in every morning. Because it’s a brand new opportunity to do things the way you want. To set the record straight. Or to continue your pursuit of excellence – your Morning Glory.