Is there a finite amount of reasons to be grateful for all the happenings in your life?

It would seem to me you can always find something else you can find gratitude for. Just look around. Some would say you’re supposed to limit the amount of times you go through your list of what you’re thankful for to once a week. Personally, I feel like if you can look at your world with a grateful heart, how can you over do it.

There is a lot of pain in the world today and to be able to find a little something that you can show your appreciation for – then why not. In doing this, you have shifted your perspective. You are no longer expecting the world to be right for you in everything you do and then dismissing your current moment only looking to the next.

No, living with a grateful heart, brings the present moment into focus and you’re able to acknowledge it’s value as a gift. This is grounding – it’s humbling. It’s a place in my heart I enjoy and feel grace.

I intend to live everyday with a sense of bewilderment for this gift called life.

How about you?