Sometimes the most difficult aspects of moving forward in the face of obstacles is determining whether or not you’re on the right path. Often times we can become paralyzed because we are too concerned about taking the perfect approach.

What if this isn’t the answer. What if the best way to overcome the hurdles in front of you is to face them. Acknowledge them and engage them.

As I’ve heard before, the solution is in the problem. Upon facing the hardship, we find out more about the circumstances that caused the hitch, what may prevent this from happening again and more about who we are in handling bumps in the road like this.

I know one thing is for sure: NOT facing the problem isn’t going to do anything. It might make it worse.

When we become – what I call – “intimate” with anything (spending time with the subject matter) we become informed to make stronger choices on how to move forward.

Educated decisions are how I want to roll. How about you?