There are many different ways we can engage people when speaking with them. Our body language tells us quite a bit about how we feel about that person.

When we care about that person deeply and what they have to say, we tend to square our shoulders up with our toes pointing towards them and maybe even get a little closer. We lean our bodies in as we don’t want to miss one word they’re saying and we relish the intimate space we share. I do.

Maybe this is the perfect metaphor for how we should approach other topics, problems and fears in our lives. No matter how much fear we have in facing them or even how difficult it is to engage.

When we square up to the issue we are risking something. Failure. We’re committing. We make a decision (which means to cut off all other options). This leap of faith is what makes all the difference. It has for me. Things tend to work themselves out in the best way possible.

I’ve always felt, “The universe rewards you for taking risks on its’ behalf.”