For whatever reason, I use a lot of metaphors in order to help articulate my points. And here we go again: There isn’t a way (I have seen) to keep your garden clean of weeds by sitting in the house and wishing them away. You must get outside pull the weeds and cultivate the soil yourself. Just as there is no shortcut to spiritual, mental, physical and emotion health.

In order to bear the fruits of our bounty we must tend to ourselves on a daily basis. Sweeping it under the rug for another day is a recipe for a whole lot of dysfunction and therapy.

Forming habits to deal with your “intruders” immediately serve you in the short and long term.

Forming good habits takes time and focus. It can be less than exciting and certainly isn’t the rush of social media and drama, but it’s a tool to take you to where you intend to go if you have your health and wits about you.