There was a study done some time ago that asked Americans what their favorite day of the week was. The majority of people responded that Friday was their choice even though most people work that day. The conclusion of the study was that American’s (in comparison to Japanese people who chose Sunday) look forward to events in the future rather than remaining in the moment and choosing a day where you don’t have to get up and go to the office.

It tells you much about how our minds work and what we focus on. I can most certainly get myself into a lather just thinking about what the afternoon, next day or even next week may bring. Why do I go there? Why must we always place our focus on an event that hasn’t even happened?

I’m more interested in remaining here. Now. Physically and Mentally. It’s not always easy to do in today’s hectic world, but it’s worth putting in the effort for me.

Where are you right now? Look around. Breathe. Slow down. Listen. Take inventory of how you feel. Resist the urge to ask yourself, “What’s next?” This moment isn’t so bad, is it?