There can be benefits and some drawbacks to having a routine. Although most of the time establishing good habits with strong choices and a well-thought out plan followed up by action steps that can be repeated over and over again can make up a daily routine, sometimes we can lose the freshness in the day. The spontaneity.

I’m the master of that sort of thing. I have a tendency to go on autopilot and forget it’s about the ride and not the destination.

We must remember to shake it up every so often as not to get caught in a rut. Even when it’s a constructive rut. For example, going for a 3 mile run everyday is good to stay in shape. However, maybe every so often we should run some hills or sprints or some type of interval training. Yes, it’s probably harder as your muscles are used to running 3 miles and now they need to power you up that hill. But, your body will develop the muscles you didn’t have before. Maybe we look to read a type of book we never thought about reading. Or watching a documentary instead of an action film.

Let’s not forget to keep it Fresh.