It can be difficult to gain proper perspective when you’re on the ground amongst the trees. We must be able to pull back the zoom lens of our lives and see the big picture; the forest.

Choosing one day a week – possibly Sunday – to Rest, Reflect and Rejuvenate can give you just enough space between the busy week you finished up and the expectations of the next one about to come. To reflect on what you accomplished. What you were not able to get done and how it all went down. We can learn quite a bit by just re-visiting an experience in our lives once the emotional ties have been cut and we can look at the situation objectively. You can become you’re own coach.

I seem to adopt brighter future when I have the space to breathe. We’re much more prepared when we can be proactive rather than reactive.

We could all use a bit more time to for ourselves. Especially when that time has intention behind it.