The farther you go – more you risk, the more you reveal and learn about yourself and eventually everything becomes much more clear.

We have to start somewhere. Everyone does. And rather than stressing about WHERE to start – merely begin. The details are in the doing. Not the pondering about. Nor the thinking of. And especially not the hoping that maybe . . .

It’s in the engagement of the act. There can never be a substitute for the doing. Never. We might like to kid ourselves that there is an approach no one has discovered that includes theorizing about it – but there isn’t. And if anyone tells you that, run quickly in the opposite direction.

Instead, grab your tools of the trade and dig in. If you can find a mentor who has success in an area of your interest, by all means, follow that path, but make it your own.

Anyone who has made a name for themselves in the world knows they have stood on the shoulders of those before them. And then they put their own signature on it.

It certainly didn’t come from repackaging or regurgitating old information. It came from inspiration from those before them, coupled with new ideas and a whole lot of effort.