The only way we can forgive others is by forgiving yourself first.

I played competitive sports growing up as a child. Whether it was soccer, basketball, golf or football. I was pushed to be the best I could be – better than the kid on the other team. This manifested into hours on the court, course and field working on my skills in order to refine them. I found purpose in it.

One thing I didn’t learn until I got older was how to let that competitiveness go and just “be.” I continued to push and push to make myself better, but was unable to find the balance between striving to be better and peace with where I am.

I bring up sports because it was such a big part of my childhood and galvanized my work ethic, coupled with always striving for more. There’s nothing wrong with these experiences, but I can find myself being a bit too critical with where I am and the results of past experiences. This leads to holding on to a bit of resentment towards myself.

I don’t mean to sound too dramatic, but how can I forgive the lady who cuts me off in traffic if I’m unable to let go of the resentment, anger and bitterness I hold on for myself? The answer is: I can’t.

We must let go. We have to transcend the anger that holds us back and come from a place of Love.

“Love is the most powerful and unknown force in the universe.”