When we boil down this whole thing to the simplest terms, we are all in this life together, so why not spread the Love. Just because we don’t know someone who accidently cuts in line in front of us at the grocery doesn’t necessarily mean they’re trying to wrong you. Maybe it’s as simple as: they don’t know where the line starts.

I’ve heard a quote from Wayne Dyer that befits most of my days and that is, “If you look to be offended throughout the day, you will not go disappointed.” Which means, if you’re looking to be mad, you’re going to find it. What about the opposite: Look for a way to send Love to someone throughout the day. A loved one, family member, friend or even a stranger!

Maybe the form of that Love manifests as patience, or kindness, or some of your precious time. What happens then? You might just connect with someone. You may make someone’s day. Heaven forbid, you might just make a friend!

Let’s not be quite so critical of others as we are all flawed, no doubt. No one is perfect and everyone is wrong. Maybe I can let you cut in front of me on the freeway, so we can all help each other get home safely and swiftly.

Maybe I can give you some Love. Why not.