All I know is what I’ve experienced in my life or learned from other people’s experiences. One thing I do know is that words matter.

When I was told at a young age by my father that there was no way I would succeed at my dream of becoming an artist, it hurt. It mattered to me. When I had a coach who believed in me and my ability to excel on the field and told me as much, that effected me.

Words do matter.

This is something we should consider while speaking with others.

Several months ago I was out to dinner with my wife and kids and we ran into another family that my kids went to grade school with years ago. I coached my son’s basketball and football teams at the time in order to spend more time with him as well as be a positive influence on all those young minds. One of the kid’s that was on the team 10 years prior came up to me – who is getting a law degree at Harvard – and repeated a quote I had told them while coaching the team. He said he never forgot it and it really inspired and motivated him to help become the person he is today.

Words matter.

How do you use them? To tear down or inspire?

I prefer the latter.

What say you?