Silence is golden. Add to that self-reflection and you’re on your way.

It is said that on the seventh day God rested. If so, maybe that’s an indication for us as well.

Rest, reflection and rejuvenation are the elements to consider once a week in order to reset your internal clocks and prepare for what’s ahead. Depending on your schedule – work with what’s best for you. Sunday’s is always an ideal day as it’s the last day of the week, however if it doesn’t fit your work week, then schedule what’s right for you.

Rest: take time to rest yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. I’m not saying you can’t exercise, because for me, that falls under rejuvenation, but the idea is to charge your batteries for the upcoming week.

Reflect: this can be a moment or two when you can objectively look at the past 7 days and assess your role in your week without the pressures of being in the thick of it. This way you may be able to view your performance in a much less subjective point of view.

Rejuvenate: This is the time you can create space in your day to do the activities that inspire you, lift you up and energize you. You may find it difficult at the beginning as you may want to distract yourself with “busy work.” Stick with it. Sit with yourself quietly to find out what really gets you excited and yet fulfills you as well.

Hopefully, you will feel much better going into your next work week after taking time for yourself in this way.

Who knows? You may even have a good Monday!