Hello, from the classroom.

Well, maybe not figuratively. Then again maybe so.

I’m using “classroom” as a relative term. For the purposes here, It’s a metaphorical place to learn, to engage and to further yourself as a student of life. I know that sounds a bit hokey, but here me out.

I have no place in a traditional classroom. Or at least I didn’t feel like it when I was in school. Now that those days are behind me, I see it as only one place among thousands of where you can learn, grow and evolve. The traditional classroom and format of teaching is quite outdated and archaic. But don’t fret. There are so many more places to educate yourself.

It’s called life. Yes, I know you cannot get a high school diploma or bachelor’s degree from “life”, but there are alternative ways to get where you’re going and most of them may not be deemed “traditional.”

Besides, having a degree – whether it’s a bachelor’s, graduate’s or doctorate’s doesn’t make you smart. It certifies that you are able to navigate you’re way through hoops and obstacles within a system that may or may not give you the knowledge you need to be successful.

Is that worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to you? If so, go get it.

If not, then there are alternatives.

We must seek out what those alternatives are, and what best fits you – or your children. But, they’re out there.

Good luck.