Understanding what it is to be a human being doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Hang with me here: we know for example, that the unknown is far less appealing to people than the known. As a result, we tend to choose the path more traveled, what we did yesterday, experiences that we are familiar with. Right?

However, in knowing this, we can purposely choose to go the other direction and walk down the path less traveled not knowing what’s in store for us around the next corner. In a sense, embracing our fears of the unknown.

This would “appear” to be much more terrifying – but is it? I’m not so sure. Just because we are unable to determine the outcome before it happens doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “less frightening.” I would also argue that you are living in a world of delusion anyway thinking that just because you are repeating the same behavior as the day before that you can somehow predict the outcomes. That is not true either.

So, after all that, wouldn’t you want to participate in a behavior that rewards you for not “playing it safe?” In addition facing your fears and more times than not, shattering your false illusions? I do.

What say you?