Whether it’s your writing or conversations you have with someone in passing; are you revealing your authentic self? There’s no doubt, it can be frightening in today’s world with enough judgement and cancel culture to go around for a few lifetime’s, however, I could argue there is no better time than now to be the individual you intend to be – that you must be. Why? Because that is who you are.

I find it interesting how most high school kids will do whatever it takes to “fit in” the crowd and be absorbed into the group losing their individuality. Just as long as they don’t stand out with unwanted attention. It was like that when I was in high school and I did early on. Then we begin to mature and realize that’s exactly the opposite of what we want in life.

I think what we want more than anything is strike out and find our individuality – no matter how frightening it is – and make a statement of who we are. In turn elevating those around us up to do the same.

And to be recognized and respected for that individuality by others. This is how we can connect and cultivate our relationships with others.

There’s a million ways to do it. This is one.