I wish I could be Chicken Joe.

Who is Chicken Joe, you say?

There’s a character in the feature animated film “Surf’s Up,” in which all the character’s are animals. Mostly penguins I believe. He is a chicken who’s name is Chicken Joe. He’s a surfer with a style that’s as laid-back as his life (Think Spicoli on steroids).

He aimlessly – for the most part – walks through the movie with no real intention other than to remain in the present moment.

At one point he is “captured” by a tribe of “indigenous” penguins and they are ready to have him for a meal. As Chicken Joe sits in a huge pot of water over the fire as the tribesmen cut and drop vegetables into the water, Joe sits comfortably with his arms (wings) resting on the lip of the pot as if he’s relaxing in a hot tub. Not a care in the world.

He is a contestant in a surf competition and finds himself in the finals due to sheer coincidence only to become champion of the tournament after unkowningly catching a final wave that picks him and his board up to ride to the winner’s trophy as he lay’s on his surfboard looking at clouds in the sky.

What a way to live your day. What a way to live your life.

Man, I wish I had a little more Chicken Joe in me.

Granted he is a chicken. And he’s animated.