Often times we can get ourselves into a bit of a rut. That pattern may or may not be constructive for us and we need to know how to change it up if/and when we this occurs.

Joe Dispenza has said: “we do the same things over and over again throughout a day – even weeks and we expect change to occur.” We must be able to change our behavior in order to attract the results we are looking for. So many of us allow our bodies to dictate what we do throughout a day without ever using our brilliant minds. It’s just a habit we have become accustomed to.

We drink coffee when we wake up at the same time every morning, we brush our teeth at the same time every day, we drive to work at the same time hardly remembering our journey along the way and then we come home after work to sit on the couch and watch TV the rest of the evening. And then we wonder why our days blend together and we feel stuck.

We can certainly change it if we are mindful about our tasks we choose to engage in throughout the day. But, this takes effort. It takes focus. We must remain steadfast in our awareness and not go on auto-pilot.

Start small: For the next hour or maybe the first part of the day. Break it down into tasks if necessary, but don’t allow your body and the repetition of the day dictate what you’re doing throughout the rest of your workday/week/month.

You make the rules and everything can be the gateway to anything.

Besides, you’re worth it.