I know for me, with space brings perspective and with perspective brings reflection and with reflection comes a way to objectively assess where I’ve been and where I am now. It then becomes a opportune moment to get clear with my intentions as I move forward.

I’ve heard, “If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.” I’m not sure about that. It seems to be more true than false in my world. The times I’m clear with where I’m going and come up with a strategy for myself, I have more times than not accomplished my goal and/or attracted the intention I set before me.

When I’m in the thick of it, I’m not able to “pull back the zoom on my life” to see where I am or where I’m going. Space allows me to have that perspective. It doesn’t have to be a two week vacation or a retreat into a monastery – although I’m not discouraging you – it could be an hour during the day you schedule in after lunch – or even during lunch – to ask yourself questions about how you’re doing. “What has been working lately? What has not been working? If I continue on this path where do I think it will lead? Am I focusing on what’s important right now? Am I being fulfilled by what I’m doing?” I could go on and on. But, What I think is important is to begin.

Get some space from your “everyday.” Ask intelligent questions and listen for the response you hear in your head/heart.

Even if you break it down into “mini-space-moments” – a walk around the block, a trip in the car listening to relaxing music or you alone in your office – you can find moments to get the space you need in order to cultivate yourself and put in the important work that will define the next moment.

Space out!