If you were to ignore the homeless man standing on the corner with a sign asking for money as you wait for the light to change from red to green, you could probably justify that to yourself: “Here we go again. Another person looking for a handout.” If you were drive past the two men pushing a vehicle to the curb that mechanically failed two cars in front of you as you say to yourself: “Looks like they are handling the situation, I don’t have to get involved.” You could justify that as well. Or choosing not to help someone at the airport who is struggling with their bags. “I don’t even know that person.” We can justify all of it. Great. Now what?

Believe me, I’ve been that person who chose not to help. Repeatedly. And what is even more bothersome is I slept just fine those nights. What interests me is the people who choose to stop and help. They felt drawn to help another person while setting aside their own lives even if just for that moment. An act of unselfishness in order to help another human being out.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely ruthless. I have chosen to help people out in many different ways over the years and no matter what their response to it, I have always felt better afterwards. I do my best not to judge that person, but I cannot help to wonder what’s going through their minds when I hold the door open for the person behind me and he walks through without even acknowledging my presence. Am I doing it for his response? I don’t know. Maybe. That’s part of it.

Nevertheless, I’m always glad I did it. Because I wanted to help and I that’s more important to me than anything else.