Believe me, it can be a challenge to see each day on this earth as a gift. Especially when things aren’t going our way. But, if we don’t, we run the risk of living our days as a broken record that has no options but to repeat over and over again. This isn’t how any of us want to lead our day to day lives.

So, what’s the option? Engage. Risk. Commit. Create. Heads towards the unknown and blaze a path. Get inspired by something and follow that thread through until you have accomplished what you wanted and then do it again. Wake-up knowing today is a new day and the future is not written. The past does not have any bearing on this moment and anything can be the gateway to everything.

We also must follow our heart – our true compass. This is our calling. As crazy as it might sound to someone else. This is your life and you must live it out under your terms with no regrets.

Of course today is a gift. How can it not be? We’re here. Now, let’s us treat it as such.