There is an old salesmen saying that says, “You should Always Be Closing.” Hence, the title of this blog. I prefer to to utilize that anachronym for other purposes than trying to close a sale.

I would prefer to say ABE. Always Be Evolving. This encompasses more than making a quick buck. Although, I suppose we “close” all the time with other people even though it may not be a business or sales transaction. When I talk to my wife and introduce her to a new idea I believe in and hope she’ll consider, I’m trying to close her on the deal. Right? Or when I speak with my children about becoming independent and what that takes – I’m closing them on my idea of becoming an adult.

There is no doubt we should always be moving our feet in order to move forward in this life. How we do it? There is no right or wrong answer. And looking to “close” on our next project is not a bad thing. Let’s just keep in mind what is important to us.

Short-term successes or connecting with others and developing long-term relationships.