When we are among people who are willing to support us in our efforts to be the best we can be, we tend to rise to the occasion. We have just a bit more confidence in our abilities to move forward in the face of fear and failure.

When we speak with someone in our community, they’re able to see past our faults, hangup’s and weaknesses and point out the strengths that we may not be aware of. We’re also able to have intimate and authentic conversations about a variety of topics that both pertain and don’t have anything to do with the subject at hand.

It is in these moments we can cherish the quality people around us in our community. The friends who are willing to critically look at the situation as if they are in the mix in order to have an intelligent conversation with reason, empathy and a somewhat objective approach.

When we walk away from those moments, we don’t necessarily need a clear and defined answer or direction, but the knowing that we have been heard and there is a support group around us that is there for us when we fall gives us comfort.

After all, I don’t think attracting what you’re focusing on is about one moment in our lives in which you succeed or fail, nor is it the right decision you must make, much less having the correct answer. It’s choosing to move in a direction and sticking with that approach moving down the path one step at a time. One moment at a time with pure intentions. Before we know it, we have made progress. Before we know it, we have something to show for our constant efforts.

Doing that type of work among a community doesn’t sound quite so lonely. Not quite as scary. And who knows, maybe we can connect with others who feel just as frightened.