There’s a book by Trevor Moawad called, “It Takes What It Takes” in which he goes into detail about how “staying neutral” in every situation in order to manifest the best outcome possible.

As a mental conditioning expert, Trevor goes against the grain of most other mental professionals in his field who tout the idea of staying “positive.” Trevor’s approach is to arrive to every situation with a neutral mindset. This is something he as been working on with Russell Wilson for years in order to maintain his edge as a starting quarterback and arguably a future Hall of Famer in the NFL.

What does “stay neutral” mean? For me, staying neutral is an opportunity for us to NOT bring any baggage from the past to the current moment from that may taint or skew your point of view – either positively or negatively. There is a disadvantage to both.

We often times go into situations where there have been similar circumstances with an attitude that matches the last time we either failed or succeeded. We unconsciously or even consciously bring that energy and mindset to the current task and apply it, even though it’s not benefiting our overall goals.

We must find the neutrality of the situation and bring our preparation to the scene with a knowing it will all work out.

Another words, stay neutral.