Have you ever notice after you purchase a car how many other cars on the road are the same make and model as yours. Sometimes even color too. Why didn’t you see that before you purchased your vehicle? Were these same cars always on the road? Why hadn’t you ever noticed them before?

When we look for something – whether it’s a type of car, a specific product, a situation or a kind of person you run into throughout your day – you’ll most certainly find it. So, the question is, what are you looking for? A way to be offended? An opportunity to use excuses? A time to take the easy way out? The chance to validate your anger towards someone else? Or a moment to shine?

As a wise man named David Walker once said, “No matter what perspective you choose, you’re always going to be right.” Which means, if you choose to be angry throughout your day and make sure everyone you encounter that day knows it, you’ll be right. You will find ways to justify that behavior and . . . be “right.”

The question is: Is that what we want? To be right? To stroke our ego? I’m not so sure.

As Qui-Gon Jinn (Star Wars) once said, “Your focus becomes your reality.” This is true for so many reasons. So, then it begs the question once more: What are we focusing on?

The beauty of it is this: the sky’s the limit!

What say you?